Hello and Welcome,

Are you…

feeling stressed or overwhelmed by life transitions, losses, crises or relationship challenges?

finding that anxiety is becoming unmanageable in your life?

perhaps trying to find meaningful goals and make changes?

These are just a few examples of life circumstances that may initially bring people to counselling. Your situation may range in emotional intensity, from an immediate life crisis, to a more diffuse experience…perhaps lacking in life satisfaction and feeling stuck.

As a counsellor I am passionate about connecting and working with people to help them through life challenges and transitions. My “person-centred” approach involves listening and focusing on understanding and respecting the perspective and experience of my clients. I will work with you to help make sense of your thoughts, feelings and behaviour patterns and to support your bringing new insights and skills to thrive in your life situation.

In my 30+ years of counselling experience, I have enjoyed working with a wide diversity of people. My clients have been aged from teens to seniors, with a wide range of gender/sexual orientations and cultural backgrounds.

I look forward to meeting with you!