Confidentiality and Consent to Counsel


People often attend counselling because they want something to be different in their lives. In confidential counselling appointments, you will have the opportunity to explore your concerns and work collaboratively with me as your counsellor to achieve your goals. Making changes can be hard work and may involve experiencing and dealing with challenging issues and feelings. However, through the counselling process, clients often report a greater sense of well being, confidence, self-understanding, relief, and strength to deal with life’s ups and downs.


I respect the concerns you may have about the privacy of the material that you share with me in counselling sessions. This information will be held in the strictest confidence.

Exceptions to confidentiality are:
  • By law, counsellors must report if you tell them of clear harm to self or others, so they may take measures to prevent this from happening.
  • By law, counsellors must report instances of current child abuse
  • If you provide signed consent to release information to third parties
  • If counsellors or their files are subpoenaed, they must disclose what is requested by the courts


I will review the above information with you before or at the beginning of our first session if you have any questions or concerns.